Sinking Cities Exhibition at Purchase College Center for Community and Culture (PC4)

By Hakan Topal, 2015-17

Purchase College Center for Community and Culture (PC4) presents Sinking Cities, curated by Tal Beery and Steven Lam. This exhibition and event series connects NYC and Yonkers-based artists and community leaders whose projects wrestle with our reliance on vulnerable waterways.

Artists: Mary Mattingly, Eve Mosher, Sarah Cameron Sunde, Hakan Topal, Center for the Urban River, and Photography Expanded with Brooke Singer.

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 15, 2:30-4pm
PC4: Purchase College Center for Community and Culture,
16 Warburton Ave. Yonkers, NY 10701

Drift Events:
Solvents: Saturday, April 15, 4-7:30pm
Edges: Saturday, April 22, 1-4pm

The artists of Sinking Cities reinterpret the waterfront as a site of access and contention, threat and promise. They reconsider the role of waterfront development in a new climate era of higher storm surges and frequent flooding; they propose new modes of access to reclaim the water as a public good; they resurrect invisible histories buried beneath new glass-and-steel high rises; they dream up new solutions to realistic scenarios; and they locate us in the complex web of water and capital flows that sustain contemporary life.

This show will be organized around a series of drifts and anchors. During the show, two drifts – themed meanderings through the city of Yonkers – will include scheduled encounters with experts and artists, thus partnering various cultural organizations with multiple artists and practitioners. Each drift will be anchored to the Yonkers space through artworks that comprise the installation. This method of tying exhibition with engagement is grounded in the notion that storytelling and the display of objects are agents of recovery and resistance. The exhibition and events revolve around five themes:


Sinking Cities connects artists, educators, and community leaders with opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange on urgent issues confronting Yonkers residents.

(Event image: Sarah Cameron Sunde, research documentation for “36.5 / a durational performance with the sea” as part of Marie Lorenz’s “Tide and Current Taxi” (2015), photo by Marie Lorenz. )