Sceneries from Above, 2013

Installation, Exhibition
Duratrans Digital Prints
“Home/s: Media art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey”, curated by Daphne Dragona & Katerina Gkoutziouli
Benaki Museum, Athens, 2013

Military outposts located in southeast of Turkey (aka Kurdistan) are the manifestation of physical violence over the last 40 years, which consumed tens of thousands of people, mostly Kurdish. These installations are seen through satellite images, as unfamiliar and curious encryptions on earth. Flags, texts, and nationalist slogans are drawn on the earth with painted stones as the reminders of the perseverance of the symbolic violence over encompassing terrain. An enemy within, or from above sees them from a distance as if they can protect against all conspiracies. This series of found satellite images are is part of Hakan Topal’s ongoing research in the region, which involved various field trips over the last decade.

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