Some of my recent work.

  • when an artist dies…

    when an artist dies…

    when an artist dies she becomes an angel, a collective turns into the living dead. 8th Bucharest Biennial, 2018 1000 posters and CNC cut wood paneling.  

  • Untitled (Ocean), 2017

    Untitled (Ocean), 2017

    Untitled (Ocean), 2017 Video Installation: 2 channel HD video with sound, projected on Limestone powder. 9min 56 secs PERPETUAL REVOLUTION The Image and Social Change ICP Museum, New York On […]

  • Uniform Cut

    Uniform Cut

    UNIFORM CUT 2015-17 Installation, Video 3331 Arts Chiyoda, 2nd Floor Gallery Tokyo, Japan Sinking Cities at PC4, Yonkers, New York     Uniform Cut is an ongoing art project based on my […]

  • Soil. Water. Ash.

    Soil. Water. Ash.

    SOIL. WATER. ASH. Installation, Exhibition HD Video, Digital Prints, Vinyl Wall Text Presented in The Ultimate Capital is Sun: Metabolism in contemporary art, politics, philosophy and science nGbK / neue Gesellschaft für bildende […]

  • Still Life

    Still Life

    Still Life, 2012-16   Still Life, 2012 – This video is edited for public presentation purposes, 6’22”   During the night of December 28th, 2011, an intelligence report about a possible […]

  • Sceneries


      SCENERIES Installation, Exhibition Duratrans Digital Prints “Home/s: Media art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey”, curated by Daphne Dragona & Katerina Gkoutziouli Benaki Museum, Athens, 2013 Military outposts located in south […]

  • Evacuation #2: Under One Minute

    Evacuation #2: Under One Minute

      EVACUATION #2: UNDER ONE MINUTE Installation, Research 3 Channel HD Video, Sound Track, 155 C-Prints, Floor Mat, White Lift Weights, Jumping Ropes ROUNDTABLE: The 9th Gwangju Biennale, 2012, Curated […]

  • Austerity / Collectivity

    Austerity / Collectivity

      AUSTERITY / COLLECTIVITY A textual contribution to Vassiliea Stylianidou’s art project FROM SCRATCH_a collective text_always for scratch The Symptom 3: To the Limits of Togetherness exhibition, Amfissa, Greece, 2012 MACHINES. Humans are […]

  • We are not professionals

    We are not professionals

      WE ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS 2011 Published  in The Making of Meeting. Edited by Els Silvrants-Barclay. We-mediame, 2012. “We are not professionals” but this does not mean that we are […]

  • The Sea-Image: Visual Manifestations of Port Cities and Global Waters

    The Sea-Image: Visual Manifestations of Port Cities and Global Waters

    THE SEA-IMAGE: VISUAL MANIFESTATIONS OF PORT CITIES AND GLOBAL WATERS 2011 Book With Guven Incilioglu (xurban_collective) The Sea-Image: Visual Manifestations of Port Cities and Global Waters is the outcome of visual […]

  • Sea of Marble: A Navigational Convergence

    Sea of Marble: A Navigational Convergence

      SEA OF MARBLE: A NAVIGATIONAL CONVERGENCE 2010 Installation, Symposium, xurban_collective 6000 C-Prints, Pedestals, Computer Projection, HD Videos Sanat Limani, Antrepo No:5 Istanbul, European Capital of Culture 2010 Exhibition […]

  • Franz Xaver Messerschmidt

    Franz Xaver Messerschmidt

      FRANZ XAVER MESSERSCHMIDT 1736-1783 2010 Video Documentary, Research Project Commissioned by Neue Galerie New York Franz Xaver Messerschmidt video was commissioned as part of the first exhibition in the United […]

  • Botany Carcinoma

    Botany Carcinoma

    BOTANY CARCINOMA 2010 Installation,  xurban_collective C-Prints, 2 Channel Video, Rock sample from North Eastern Anatolia, Vinyl Wall Text Blind Dates Project, co-curated by Defne Ayas and Neery Melkonian, Pratt Manhattan […]

  • Evacuation #1: The Sacred Evacuation

    Evacuation #1: The Sacred Evacuation

      EVACUATION #1: THE SACRED EVACUATION Installation, C prints, Carpet, Clocks, Perfumes, Kilims, Beads, Bookshelf, Vinyl Wall Text TBA 21, Vienna 2010; Tanas Berlin, 2010; Arter, Istanbul, 2011 xurban_collective Exhibition Shots: […]

  • Fortified Zones

    Fortified Zones

      FORTIFIED ZONES 2010 A collaborative project with Alex Villar Lisbon City Museum, curated by Miguel Amado Lisbon City Council and Miguel Amado Projects are presenting the exhibition “The Philosophy […]

  • La Ville Blanc | Die Weisser Stadt

    La Ville Blanc | Die Weisser Stadt

      LA VILLE BLANC | DIE WEISSER STADT January 2010 4000 10x15cm C prints, 25 23x23cm Digital C Prints, 2 Channel Video Projections, Computer Projection, 11 Pedestals Installation, Research, xurban_collective Galerie […]

  • Domestic Labor, knitting and alternative networks

    Domestic Labor, knitting and alternative networks

    DOMESTIC LABOR, KNITTING AND ALTERNATIVE NETWORKS Published in fe journal: feminist critique, Vol 1 Issue 2, 2009, fe journal is a peer reviewed journal of the Center for Women’s Studies […]

  • Peace Pentagon Design Competition

    Peace Pentagon Design Competition

      PEACE PENTAGON 2009 Design Proposal, Unrealized With Aslihan Demirtas Background: 339 Lafayette, a three-story corner commercial building with stores on the first floor and offices on the second and […]

  • Concretescape SoftCity

    Concretescape SoftCity

      CONCRETESCAPE SOFTCITY 2009 Performance, Installation, with Veronica Sekules C-Prints, Text, Portland Cement, Shovel, Audio System Arthub, Bangkok University, curated by Defne Ayas and Davide Quadrio    

  • Proposed but Not Engaged

    Proposed but Not Engaged

      PROPOSED BUT NOT ENGAGED 2009 Installation Istanbul-Off-Spaces, Independent Art Spaces in Dialogue, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin curated by Stéphane Bauer and Sencer Vardarman With Guven Incilioglu (xurban_collective)

  • Fortification (as Beautification) Proposal to Artist Liam Gillick

    Fortification (as Beautification) Proposal to Artist Liam Gillick

    FORTIFICATION (AS BEAUTIFICATION) PROPOSAL TO LIAM GILLICK GERMAN PAVILION, VENICE, 2009 In the beginning of February of 2009, I proposed a project to Liam Gillick to be realized at the periphery […]

  • The Cracked Sea of Marble

    The Cracked Sea of Marble

    THE CRACKED SEA OF MARBLE 2009 Installation, 1000 C-Prints, HD Video, Wall Text OpenSpace, Boundary Signal exhibition curated by Fatih Aydogdu With Guven Incilioglu (xurban_collective)   Looking out from an imperial […]

  • The Coalition Forces Are Pleased To See This Great Transformation

    The Coalition Forces Are Pleased To See This Great Transformation

    THE COALITION FORCES ARE PLEASED TO SEE THIS GREAT TRANSFORMATION June 2008 Performance, Site-Specific Public Art Installation Vinyl Letters, Landscaping with Orange Flowers Bishkek National Art Museum Spending time as a […]

  • T.C. Anit Yarik

    T.C. Anit Yarik

        T.C. ANIT YARIK Birikim Dergisi, No: 217. Ankara, 2007 With Guven Incilioglu (xurban_collective)  

  • Imam Bayildi (Imam Fainted)

    Imam Bayildi (Imam Fainted)

      IMAM BAYILDI (IMAM FAINTED) Radikal Art: Face to Face, curated by Ovu Durmusoglu 2007 Installation, Public Art, xurban_collective A project about the accession of Turkey to the European Union. Avrupa […]

  • Trademarks and the Clash of Civilizations:Authentic versus Counterfeit

    Trademarks and the Clash of Civilizations:Authentic versus Counterfeit

      TRADEMARKS AND THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS: AUTHENTIC VERSUS COUNTERFEIT September 2006 Published in “GOING PUBLIC ’06: ATLANTE MEDITERRANEO”, Silvana Editoriale, Milano, 2006 With Guven Incilioglu (xurban_collective)   1. One […]

  • Void: A view from Acropolis

    Void: A view from Acropolis

      VOID: A VIEW FROM ACROPOLIS 2006 Installation, Performance, C-Prints, 4 Channel Video, 10 Ton Bergama Soil, Vinyl Wall Text Platform Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul, curated by Vasif Kortun With Guven […]

  • Interview with Kenan Evren

    Interview with Kenan Evren

      INTERVIEW WITH KENAN EVREN December 2005 Unrealized Marmaris, Turkey In September 12, 1980, Kenan Evren, the head of the armed forces, announced that he over threw the government, abolished all the worker’s […]

  • Refused!


    REFUSED! 2005 Text, Unrealized Project, Cover Poster Design 9th Istanbul Biennial, curated by Vasif Kortun and Charles Esche With Guven Incirlioglu (xurban_collective) This article is part of xurban_collective’s contribution to the […]

  • Under Construction: A Renovation

    Under Construction: A Renovation

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION: A RENOVATION 2005 Performance and Installation E-type prison, Ayas, Turkey Under Construction: A Renovation is part of the Under Construction series and took place as a performance in […]

  • S.i.e.g.e.c.r.a.f.t


    S.I.E.G.E.C.R.A.F.T 2004 Installation, 4×5 Slides, 2 Channel Synchronized Projection, Computer Animation, Vinyl Wall Text ZKM, Karlsruhe, curated by Peter Weibel and Roger Conover With Guven Incilioglu (xurban_collective) The Panorama Every great city of the […]

  • The Containment Contained / Édition touristic: Air D’Istanbul in a Raki bottle

    The Containment Contained / Édition touristic: Air D’Istanbul in a Raki bottle

    THE CONTAINMENT CONTAINED / ÉDITION TOURISTIC: AIR D’ISTANBUL IN A RAKI BOTTLE 2004 Installation The Future of the Reciprocal Readymade (The use-value of art), apexart, New York. curated by Stephen Wright With […]

  • The Containment Contained

    The Containment Contained

    THE CONTAINMENT CONTAINED 2003-07 Installation, C-Prints, Oil Container, White-on-white vinyl wall text Commissioned by Poetic Justice: The 8th International Istanbul Biennial, curated by Dan Cameron With Guven Incilioglu (xurban_collective) Within […]

  • Knit++ Off the Books

    Knit++ Off the Books

    KNIT++ OFF THE BOOKS 2002 New Media Installation and installation at Tuyap, Istanbul With Guven Incilioglu (xurban_collective)

  • Case Study

    Case Study

    CASE STUDY 2002 Photography New York Working at the New Museum for many years, I developed a keen interest in exhibition making. I was particularly intrigued by display cases, technical […]

  • Central Intelligence

    Central Intelligence

      CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE 2001 Installation, 3D Vrml Projection, C-Prints, Color Codes Kunstmuseum Bonn With Guven Incilioglu (xurban_collective) A project about the post 9/11 collective psyche.  

  • Confessions: Strong from East-EastWest

    Confessions: Strong from East-EastWest

      CONFESSIONS: STRONG FROM EAST-EASTWEST 2001 Installation with C-Prints, Vinyl Wall Text, 3D VRML Projection (loop) With Guven Incilioglu (xurban_collective) Commissioned by the 49th Venice Biennial, Turkish Pavilion, 2001. Also […]

  • A Catastrophe: On the Outside Same as Inside

    A Catastrophe: On the Outside Same as Inside

    A CATASTROPHE: ON THE OUTSIDE SAME AS INSIDE 2000 Installation, Photography, Interactive VRML 3D Projection on Limestone powder, Silver gelatin prints, Wall text Sabanci University Kasa Gallery, Istanbul With Guven Incirlioglu […]

  • Under Construction: Ankara

    Under Construction: Ankara

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION SERIES 1999-2009 Artistic Research, Photo Essay, Performances Under Construction was developed in three parts as a long-term artistic research project concentrating on the visual typology of the state of never-ending […]

  • Pissst Genc

    Pissst Genc

    PISST GENC 1998 Genç Etkinlik 4. Tüyap Sergi Sarayı, Tepebaşı, İstanbul Sound Installation with mosque speaker, Collaborative (with Ali Demirel) [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=true&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]    

  • Tears of the Prime Minister

    Tears of the Prime Minister

    TEARS OF THE PRIME MINISTER 1997 5:05 min., Betacam SP Ankara    

  • Under Construction: Anytime

    Under Construction: Anytime

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION 1999 Installation and Performance with six bags of Portland cement, shovel, barrel, sand, construction bands, sledge hammers, tool bags, garment, four gelatin silver print photographs (70x50cm each) of various buildings including a trade center, police department, cultural center, […]

  • Is there anybody else in this world?

    Is there anybody else in this world?

    IS THERE ANYBODY ELSE IN THIS WORLD? 1997 Video Film, Hi8 and Betacam SP Ankara A film about the police state and body.   Police Department, High School, Mosque Ankara, […]

  • The Grass Has Already Dried Out

    The Grass Has Already Dried Out

    THE GRASS HAS ALREADY DRIED OUT (CIMLER COKTAN KURUDU) 1996 Public Art Installation ODTU, Ankara Seasonal workers were hired by Middle East Technical University to conduct low skill jobs with […]

  • Flagpole for a Transparent State

    Flagpole for a Transparent State

      FLAGPOLE FOR A TRANSPARENT STATE October 1996 Performance ODTU, Ankara I utilized a 4 meter long 10x10cm piece of wood to create a flagpole for a possible transparent state. I […]



    POWER PUMPS 2 October 1995 Performance Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes ODTU, Ankara Event: • Announcement of the performance • Setting up of the “pump station” • Decoding of power […]

  • Don’t Worry, You are Safe — IV

    Don’t Worry, You are Safe — IV

    DON’T WORRY YOU ARE SAFE — IV 1994 Performance ODTU, Ankara   Related Project  

  • Don’t Worry, You Are Safe — I

    Don’t Worry, You Are Safe — I

    DON’T WORRY, YOU ARE SAFE — I 1993 Photo Essay A photo essay about Turkey’s largest coal mine located in Zonguldak.

  • Ashgabat


    ASHGABAT, TURKMENISTAN 1993 Photo Essay I travelled to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. I stayed with Turkish workers who were sent there to renovate a Turkish-funded school. I documented life in the city, which […]